Good Christian men, rejoice,
     With heart and soul, and voice;
     Give ye heed to what we say:
     Jesus Christ is born to-day!

Public Domain, Words: Heinrich Suso (ca. 1295-1366). Music: 14th Century German.


In this busy time of year, full of finishing up school and preparing for Christmas break, the KMBC community wanted to remember just why we celebrate Christmas and rejoice in Jesus' birth.

In the third week of December, KMBC students took exams, finished projects, and worked diligently to complete the last semester of this decade. As the semester came to a close, many expressed their joy in the upcoming break. But beyond the anticipation of a time away from schoolwork and assignments, we at KMBC delighted in the upcoming holiday.

As KMBC enjoys the fun and festivities of the season during this break, we desire to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. At Bible college, it can be easy to talk about Jesus' birthday and why He came to earth.  We know that God's Son came to earth to die for our sins and provide the way of salvation from being eternally separated from God.  But we hope to not just think it and say it, but to live it and share it with all who will hear. And may we remember to thank the Lord for the precious gift of His Son this Christmas (and every) season!

From everyone at KMBC to you, Merry Christmas!