KMBC Blood Drive


KMBC's Student Center usually consists of students watching movies and playing games such as ping-pong. It often serves as a place to retreat from the stress of studies and relax in a wholesome, fun environment.

On December 2, KMBC students, faculty, and staff filled the center for a different reason.  The Student Center turned into the “KMBC Student Blood Center” when the Kentucky Blood Center set up and began receiving blood donations at 12:30 PM. The crew stayed busy until after 5:00 PM.

Twenty-eight people from the KMBC campus donated. Some nervously yet willingly donated for the first time; others went through what seemed like a familiar routine.

Miss Mary Ellen Mowery, KMBC's chief dietitian, donated blood for the 125th time since coming to KMBC. Workers from the Blood Center congratulated and thanked Miss Mowery for her faithful donations and were excited to celebrate this accomplishment with her.


Later that evening, many on campus sported around their arms blue or pink bands – proof that they donated blood in this semester's only blood drive – and shared stories about their donating experiences.

Mr. Randy Huff, KMBC's Dean of Students, said that the school plans to host two blood drives in the Spring 2010 semester, offering more opportunities to donate. Next semester, KMBC hopes to see even more people don colorful arm bands and know that by their donations in the “KMBC Student Blood Center,” they made a difference in someone's life.