What People Are Saying

KMBC Choir is now on Tour!  Here's what people are saying:


"The KMBC Choir has some of the most well-behaved college students I've ever been around."  - Pastor at a recent service


"I feel that I can represent the rest of Hilltop Mission Church in what I am about to say.  I truely enjoyed the service on Sunday and could feel God's presence SO MUCH in the service.  One man who attends another church stated that he felt God's presence as soon as he walked in the door. 

I know God truly did a work in my heart!  Thank you for allowing Him to work in and through you.  Also, please pass on my thank you to the student who prayed with me that morning.  I feel that God sent her particularly to pray with me as our situations seemed to be quite similar in what she had faced and what I was facing. 

I think it is totally amazing how God works!  He gave me the exact strength I needed Sunday.  My heart was really moved by the music the choir shared.  Thank you for your devotion to serving the Lord and bringing such a blessing to those who hear you.  I will look forward to the next time I get to see and hear you all.  Thanks again! 

In Christ,
Chelsea Hatfield
Hilltop Mission Church"


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