Campus Visit

Interested in visiting Kentucky Mountain Bible College? All you have to do is call! We can provide you with a place to stay, good meals, fellowship, and a campus tour-at no charge! You will be able to worship in the Luce Chapel, sit in on classes, talk to students, and join in campus life.

We're happy to host you anytime! To schedule a visit, please contact us
at 1-800-879-5622 ext. 130 or email us


What to Expect on a Campus Visit:

When planning a visit, please allow at least two hours for your campus visit.

When you arrive, enter the Administration building (located on the right next to the Chapel) and go to the first office on your left, ask for David Lorimer.

You will receive your suggested schedule and other information.

A campus visit offers:

A 45 minute walking tour of the campus
Free food (all meals are served in Brengle Dinning Hall) and free lodging
The opportunity to sit in on some classes (if classes are in session) and chapel
Getting acquainted with many of our students, faculty, and staff
A meeting with the Chief Admissions Counselor.


A meeting with the Financial Aid Director to discuss options for funding college
A meeting with a member of the Administration and/or a Program Adviser
A meeting with the Registrar about classes
A meeting with the Business Manager about possible payments toward your school bill (by request)
A hike to see the beautiful surroundings of God's creation
A driving tour of Jackson, KY

We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and help you start/continue the application process!

When you visit campus, we'll waive your $25 application fee!

On a regular school day KMBC guys typically wear collared shirts and slacks. Girls wear nice tops and medium length skirts. However, the dress code is not required for guests.

Once you've arrange a visit please get directions here. Do not use any older GPS device. Due to recent construction, it will get you lost!


Quick Links:

1. Directions

2. Campus Map

3. Hotel and Restaurants in the Area


While you are in the area consider planning a trip to Natural Bridge State Park or Red River Gorge. Kentucky Mountain Bible College is conveniently located an hour and a half from Lexington and three hours from the Creation Museum

We look forward to having you here to visit!