Non-Traditional Students

We are excited that you will be joining us at KMBC! Making up to 25% of the student body, KMBC has a strong community of married students and older single adult students. Each brings new gifts and experiences that enhances the whole campus community!

This non-traditional student (NTS) body naturally functions a little differently from the traditional students. There are unique challenges, freedoms, and responsibilities, and we wish to assist in a way that is appropriate. One way this is accomplished is through the non-traditional students association. This is a student-led organization designed to facilitate relationships and interaction between our non-traditional students. We encourage you to participate!

The NTS Advisors are Rev. David and Joy Paul. If you have questions, please contact them by email or 1-800-879-5622 ext 751.


For more infomation on Non-Traditional Students, please Click Here.

*Housing is available upon a first come first serve bases; please contact John Mathes at 1-800-879-5622 ext 110 to request housing.