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Borrower's Contact Information

Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities

Direct Loan Request Form 2014/15

Direct Student Loan Limits

KMBC Scholarship Application 2014/15

KMBC Scholarship/Grant Renewal 2014/15

Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid Awards 2014/15

Title IV Authorization 2014/15

Verification Worksheet – Dependent 2014/15

Verification Worksheet – Independent 2014/15


Policies and Procedures

IRS Data Retrieval Tool Instructions  Process

IRS Tax Transcript Request  Process

KMBC Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Penalties for Copyright Violation

Return of Financial Aid Funds

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Title IV Eligibility Requirements

Verification FAQs

Additional Resources

Alternative Student Loan

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid    


FAFSA on the Web Worksheet 

FastWEB - Online scholarship search 

Financial Aid Code of Conduct 

Loan Consolidation  

Loan Repayment Calculator  

National Student Loan Data System   

Parent PLUS Loan Information  

SmarterBucks (Reward program to pay down student loans) 

US Department of Ed. Direct Loan Program 

Veterans Resources